About Tom

Hi! My name is Tom Hansen.


I live in Arizona with my wife, four kids, three cats and currently 7 chickens

I currently work as a Server Engineer for an IT firm, I've been working in the IT field since I started in 1997.

I started writing when I was a Sophomore in High School. My English teacher thought I had a talent for it when I read an assignment in front of the class. Despite the plethora of teen-angstiness and depressive description, she recommended I join the creative writing club at my High School and it all went downhill from there.

I fell in love with writing, working on a couple short stories, poetry, and I started my first novel. By the time I graduated I had 7 chapters written. I knew I wanted to be a full-time writer back then.

After graduation, life happened. I did some college, but dropped out, got married, started having kids. IT was something I was good at came naturally so I turned it into a career. I fell away from writing around the birth of my first child and didn't really do much about it other than the occasional journal entry or story idea I would jot down.

In 2008 I started remembering the fun I used to have writing and realized I'd spent over a decade in IT, but I wasn't having fun anymore. Remembering how much I wanted to be an author, I decided to get back into the groove of things.

The last two years have been spent voraciously reading all that I can get my hands on, reading blogs, books, and starting my own blog about writing. I had a few false-starts in there. Writing isn't easy. Sticking to it daily when you're already working 50+ hours a week at your job is harder, but a change in jobs within my company mid 2010 kicked my butt into taking it seriously.

This blog is my effort to maintain a web presence, keep fans (all five of you) abreast of what I'm working on, and hopefully post up my own works so that people can find my stuff here.

How to get ahold of me:

newbiewriter at me.com