Monday, April 18, 2011

Still around, still writing.

I suppose I should post up here every now and again to say that I'm still alive, still working, still writing.  Life's been crazy the last few months. I finished up my Grandpa novel in January, wrote and quadruple-edited a couple short stores in February that I needed to submit for a contest (which I didn't win btw). Then I pretty much passed out for a month. I nearly didn't write in the month of March. Life was crazy, work shifted me to a new on-call schedule that pretty much had me working 70 hour weeks for three weeks in the month. I had just enough breathing room to kind of keep up with a little short story work, but March is basically a wash.
April hasn't been that much easier. The first couple weeks of April have been very busy, but the last week I finally managed to not be on-call, patching, or otherwise working night and day so I've been back at the laptop poking away at my 1000 words per day as best I can.
I'm currently outlining another book, which I'm feeling pretty good about.

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