Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Writing Status Jan 21, 2011

This week has been interesting. I finished writing my second novel (still in draft) and I’ll be shelving that for a few months while I write the next book I’m going to write.

Finishing up on the book was unexpected. I hadn’t sat down to outline the next book yet, though I have a basic idea of what I want to accomplish with it. This left me with nothing in the queue to write, so I spent a couple days catching up and writing some detailed blog posts about finishing books and what steps are in store.

The last couple of days were spent writing short fiction pieces of about 1000 words based on my word-a-day calendar.

I also came up with a (what I think will be a) wonderful fantasy series, all based on one of the short fiction pieces I wrote. I’m quite excited about it and and busily staying up late into the night the last couple of days working on outlines, history, even drawing crude maps of the world so I can start incorporating geography into the story.

The real awesome thing is I’ve always like books that take place in the same universe. I can tie this new series into the Elements trilogy I’m already working on fairly neatly, though there will probably be a large time difference between the two.

Here’s stats on this week writing:

3055 on Grandpa

2470 on Blog Posts

2127 on Short Stories (Flash Fiction)

Total 7652

1093 per day out of goal of 1100

All in all a good week. I actually wrote more than is shown here, as I don’t count my journal entries usually, or my blog entries, and there was a lot of outside writing on this new series that didn’t make it into the word counts.

Incidentally I’ve written 16K words in my journal this year, but a lot of my short fiction gets it’s start in my journal then gets copied to another file once I deem it something worth calling a story.

Till next week, keep writing!

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