Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Writing Status: Friday January 28, 2011

Third weekly status for 2011. This has been a strange week for writing. It was patching week for work, which sucks up a couple hours of time every night in the week. It’s later in the evening, so it shouldn’t affect my writing too much, but I do offset the time away from my family by cutting into my writing time.
That said I did manage to get 9703 words written this week, 1386 average out of my 1100 word a day quota.
However, only about 980 words of that is what I would consider “writing” as in content creation. 
I’m in between jobs…er books right now and I didn’t have the outline created for my next book, so I’m working on creating that right now. I hope to have it finished up over this weekend and I’ll get to work on my actual next book next week sometime. I wrote 4000 words in an outline for a future series, and 2100 words written on the outline planned for my next book.
All in all, not a bad week, though I was somewhat disappointed that I’m not writing actual content this week, I did get a lot of work done on outlines, and I’m using a new method for my outlining this week that I’ll bring up and discuss in a blog post next week.
Till next week, keep writing.

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