Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last Night was rare. I had already written my daily word count and put kids in bed. I was tired of catching up on reading back issues of Writer's Digest so I grabbed my laptop and started writing.

I have a word-a-day calendar that Jennifer picked up for me for Christmas because I've been wanting to increase my vocabulary.

Yesterday's word was staccato (it was actually Tuesday's, but I was a day behind). I used that as the jumping off point for a short little story that I managed to get done. I read it to Jennifer, she said it was pretty good.

The End!

Well, not really the end. As I still need to fiddle with it, clean it up, and figure out what I'm going to do with it. Would be nice to get it published in a magazine or something, course those are going down the tubes lately.

So I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. Kept thinking about the story I'd written. I got back up, read through it again and thought to myself "self, this could make for an interesting plot point in a bigger story." And I was right, of course. I always am.

Next thing I know it's 1:30 AM I've written 1700 words of a rough outline, plot description, and characters for a new fantasy novel that will involve murder, mystery, revenge, love, betrayal, and of course a sword that controls it's wielder.

All from the word staccato.

I could have kicked back with my wife's iPad and watched Netflix, instead I wrote. Kinda glad I did. It was one of those rare nights.

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