Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy (The Riyria Revelations, #1)The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love epic fantasy. I love long stories with lots of description that suck me into a world. I love taking 4-5 days to pummel through a 800 page tome. So I was a little hesitant to read such a short (200 page) novel set in a fantasy world. Boy was I surprised.

Mr. Sullivan manages to cram a whole new world and plenty of description into his relatively short fantasy book. And if that’s not enough for me, he has five more books nearly completed in this world

I’d read about Mr. Sullivan’s rise to fame on the Amazon platform from a blog and was intrigued by his book series that was more swashbuckling adventure than sweeping epic. I have to say he pulled it off very well, and I’m hooked.

The story follows two thieves around (they’re the main characters and also some comic relief) as they are hired to steal a sword from a noble but turns into a trap where they are framed for the murder of the King that night. They manage to escape with help and end up going on a romp through the countryside, visiting monks, other nobles, rousing armies to defend the new king’s land from being taken over by a power hungry relative. They release an ancient magician from his captors, who I can’t wait to see how he turns up in later books.

There are a few times when the action gets going that I wish I had a little more description, but having a short book to just plunk down and finish in an evening is well worth the lack of description and time investment you would have to otherwise go through for a longer book.

I can’t wait to read the rest in the series.

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