Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And that would be my second book written.

In a surreal bit of writing yesterday, I wrote as much as I can on my second novel codenamed “Grandpa”. I didn’t say I’m done, but I have written as much as I can at this point. Now I know I haven’t spoken much about it, so I should clue you in.

“Grandpa” is the tale of a Cami, a 30-something woman who hasn’t spoken to her estranged mother in ten years. One day Cami gets a frantic call from her mom saying that Cami’s grandfather, who has been under constant care from the mother for nearly two decades, has dissapeared. He’s nearing death and has decided to travel to see people who were significant in his life.

Cami doesn’t really like her grandfather as he’s been nothing but a jerk to her her whole life, but she relents and goes on this chase with her mother to track him down. While on the trip they meet people from all walks of life and a picture is painted of this man’s bizarre and secret life.

When I started writing the book I had an idea for what I wanted to happen at the end, but I’ve veered off a bit. Now I’m at a crossroads. I have one chapter to finish, but I could end this things a myriad of different ways.

I don’t want to write the four different endings that are in my head right now, nor do I want to write just one, so what I’ll do is put this off to the side for a few months and let it stew. When I’m ready to do my first round of editing, I’ll pull it back out, read through the entire rough draft and decide finally how I want to wrap up the story.

Till then, Grandpa is “done” at 69,740 words, which is right around average novel length.

Now, I need to figure out what I’m supposed to write next. And for those of you counting, this book doesn’t count as one of the three I hope to write this year. This was supposed to be done two weeks ago…

Onward and upward!


  1. Wow Tom! So is your first book published yet? Is it like "Grandpa". I thought you would write more science fiction or fantasy. This sounds like a modern dysfunctional family or something? Can't wait to hear how it ends! Maybe you should do one of those "Choose your own adventure" kind of books. Have you ever read one of those? Maybe there a think of the past...

    Onward & upward! Way to go!!!

  2. Maybe they are a thing of the past... Got going too fast there at the end. Sorry!

  3. I have thought about leaving in two endings. And no, my first book isn't published. it's generally a two-year process from concept to printed book. I guess I know what my next blog post will be!