Friday, November 26, 2010

NaNoWriMo Status Nov 26th.

So have to admit something: trying to write a book in a month is a daunting task. Add in year-end ramp ups at work, on call for work which took up a whole week, plus patching for another week. Trying to remodel our house, which includes two bathrooms, two bedrooms, plus painting the hallways and tons of trim & doors and what you have is a very busy November. That doesn’t even count the birthday of my wife, Jennifer and the other little things that have nagged me for my time this month.
So how am I doing? Well as of last night, I had written 36,163. 50,000 is my goal. For those paying attention, I should have been writing 1667 words per day for the entire month of November and had I kept to that I should be at 42,000 words right now. So yes, I’m behind. But Most of that remodeling is behind me, work should be easy for the next few days, I have a weekend to relax and pump out words, birthdays are done, and Thanksgiving is behind me. All I have to do is buckle down and keep at it every day with 2800 words a day. It’s a lot of catch-up, but I know I can do it. The trick is to just keep the steam going for the rest of the month.
So anyway, there’s my novel status. I think I bit off too much this month, but I think I can make it up at the last minute with some marathon writing sessions.
As for the book, I won’t be done on November 30th. 50,000 is what is considered a “book” as far as NaNoWriMo is concerned, but this book will probably end up more like 80K words. I think I’ll keep going but slow down in December, hoping to do 1000 words per day to hopefully finish up the book by the end of the December.

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