Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

80,136 words so far.
I’m still doing my 15 minutes of free-writing and 1250 words per day, though I didn’t keep up with that exactly over the weekend due to a family trip.
My original plan was to have this novel finished in time for NaNoWriMo, which I’ll be covering in a blog post later on as it gets closer to November. 
I had a post where I estimated my word count of my finished novel a while back, and I’m still sticking with those rough numbers. I’m currently around half of my estimated word count to completing my novel (80K/150K.) 
It took me about 80 days to get this far in the book, and I somehow have to write another 70K in 38 days. Ouch. That’s pretty darn close to 2K a day from here on out. My ramp-up schedule has me bumping up to 1500 words a day starting this Sunday, and I think I’ll stick to that for now, regardless of what the math says. I worry about burnout most, and I’d rather be writing a little every day and love what I’m doing than get burned out and give up on it like I’ve done so many times. The year-end holidays give plenty of distractions already for not writing, I don’t need more on top of that.
I need to have this novel draft completed before NaNoWriMo, but if I’m short word count, I’m okay with that, as long as the basic storyline is there. I’ll draft up some notes on what chapters need to be fleshed out during editing phase like ***insert long description about how main character saves the entire village from an evil dragon here*** and ***insert scene where hero sweeps maiden away into the sunset riding atop said dragon***, only I don’t have any dragons in my story…or maidens…or do I?!?
I’d like to take a week off prior to NaNoWriMo in order to work on the outline for my next book (that I have to write entirely during November), and take a break to spend with my family before diving head-long into an even crazier month.
It’s all a little overwhelming at this point. I shouldn’t be scared that I won’t get it all done, but I am a little.  Distractions abound: World of Warcraft Cataclysm will be coming out around that timeframe most likely, which I won’t be buying, as well as Fallout: New Vegas, which I really want to get, even more-so than WoW to be honest. My wife, Jennifer, suggested I get it but she’ll wrap it for my birthday in December assuming I finish my NaNoWriMo book. The Pressure is on!
Will Tom be able to play his most anticipated post-apocalyptic video game of the year this year? Wait till December 13th to find out!

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