Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

Weekly Writing Status
62,215 Words so far.
Still keeping up with 15 minutes of freewriting, and 1000 words per day…well…kind of.
This week was nice. I headed out of town for a three-day weekend with my folks and my in-laws. Getting out of town and heading to small-town U.S.A affords me some time to get away into a quiet room and do some reading. This time it was trying to get through Brandon Sanderson’s epic novel The Way of Kings.  I didn’t finish it on my vacation, but I did finish it when I got back.  Amazing novel, you can see my review for it here
Due to the long vacation weekend, I was not able to keep up with my word count goals. I did write each day, but I told myself not to push myself as I just wanted to make sure I sat down daily to do something, and I did that. 
It was vacation after all.
When I got back to the real world on Tuesday, I was able to have the joy of sitting in the dentists chair for two hours counting the number of flinches I had as the Novocain was wearing off. Yeah, it hurt, and my gums are still sore and swollen two days later.
So, I didn’t write any on Thursday. But I kept up with it the rest of the week once I was over my Little Shop of Horrors reenactment.
So the lesson here kids: Dentists=evil.
And Keep writing daily!
Oh and go read Way of Kings, it’s good regardless of how much Novocain you’re on.

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