Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

57,521 Words so Far.
Still working on 15/1000
This week was not easy. 750 words per day wasn’t bad, but 1000 for some reason hit me pretty hard. For the first time in a couple months I actually missed a day writing. Well, two days. 
I broke a tooth, I think that counts.
But I did catch up the following day. So I ended up writing 2 days of 2000 words, 2 days of 1000 words and around 500 on another day.
This next week continues 15 minutes of free-writing per day to clear my head, followed by 1000 words per day. Only I’m leaving town for three days for the holiday weekend. This should be fun trying to keep up with that.
I won’t stress about it if I don’t get it done. Vacations are needed.
Till next week, keep writing!

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