Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

Weekly Writing Status
50,425 words so far.
Sunday starts 10/1000 *gulp*
The hardest thing this week was work. Once a month, the last week of the month in fact, we patch servers. All 400+ of them. It’s…fun.
It also eats up a ton of time.
Each day was a struggle to find the time and inclination to write. And yet I managed to get 10,000 words written in 7 days even though I only had a goal for 5250. Pretty damn successful I think! I’m certainly proud of myself. I hope I can keep it up.
15/750 (15 minutes of free-writing/journaling followed by 750 words written on my novel) per day has been working out. On a good day I’m finding 750 words can go by in less than 45 minutes. Sunday start 15/1000 where I’ll bump up my quota to 1000 words per day. 
I also read two books this week, “Hoot” and “9 Steps to Work Less and Do More.” I’ll post reviews for those shortly.

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