Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

Weekly Writing Status

40,000 words so far.

Bumped up my writing to 15/750.


So I bumped up my word count per day on Sunday this week to 750 words per day. Every two weeks I’ll be increasing my minimum word count.

This week has been very busy. Work is ramping up, I was on call for the first time this week, which meant waking up earlier and staying at work later than I’d previously done.

Add to that my World of Warcraft raiding schedule, which admittedly is only two nights a week, but I had to really struggle to make sure I got my quota in each day before bedtime.

I’m trying to avoid writing late at night. I’m not usually in the mood. I’m tired, and just want to relax. As much of a night-owl as I am, I really do my best writing earlier in the day and I get the side bonus of having my quota done for the day.

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