Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

31,452 words so far.

15/500 is going well. I have thought about bumping it up to 15/1000 this Sunday, but I think I’ll give it one more week before increasing my daily word count.


So what did I have troubles with this week? Last weekend I barely met my goals each day, usually around 11:30 pm. I got the weekend after a long work-week and squeezing all my free time into writing that I just wanted to do nothing all weekend.

I realize we all deserve some breaks. We would probably go crazy if we didn’t, but if I’m to get this book done on the schedule I have (In time for NaNoWriMo) I need to make sure I write everyday without fail. Taking relaxing is fine, but make sure you don’t sluff-off so much that you miss your goals.

So far, I haven’t missed my goal but I did have a rough go of it last weekend. I also had a few rough spots during the week. Kids are starting up school, so homework, and meetings with teachers are clogging up time. Luckily work is being nice to me in my evenings. We will see what the rest of the month has in store as I go on call next week and we have patching every evening the week after that. I will have to really buckle down and make time for my daily writing in order to get everything done.

These are the times that test your resolve.

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