Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekly Writing Status

22,641 words so far.

Still keeping up with 15/500. Though I had a couple days where my 15 turned into an entire article online (like yesterday’s thoughts on copyright).


What did I have to overcome this week?

I had to get over sitting down and writing a chapter I wasn’t ready to write. I’m about 4 solid weeks of daily writing into this novel. This week there wasn’t any day that I didn’t want to write, I’m still feeling the urge to write daily. What I had was anxiety over what I would write.

The way I’m writing, with a basic outline that I can modify (and do almost daily) through discovery writing, is working well for me. When I sit down to write I can choose any scene and start working on that one. Usually I finish off scenes that I love pretty quickly.

That leaves me with scenes I’m dreading. And I’m right in the middle of one right now. I don’t have a lot of ideas in my head for this particular chapter, so I’m struggling.

Once I sit down and spend about five minutes typing I find that I’m actually getting into the scene and I have plenty to talk about. It just goes back to the adage that writers should be writing. It’s amazing how easily the words start flowing once I get over the mental block of sitting down and starting.


My advice for the week: Force yourself to sit down and start typing. Push through it no matter how much you dread it. The Words will Flow. Trust me on that.

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