Monday, August 16, 2010

Google Analytics

I setup Analytics a while back on this blog and was going through it this morning. One of the more interesting things Google keeps track of is the keywords people searched on when they found your site.

Apparently looking up the religious views of Brandon Sanderson points them to my post talking about Creative Commons using his novel Warbreaker as an example.  They go looking for information on Brandon being LDS, and end up with an article written by an ex-LDS atheist talking about a soft-core porn version of Warbreaker.

Brandon (if he even happened to have read my article) doesn't know me. Anyone that does knows that I joke about nearly everything. In fact it's best to put the smily face :-P after pretty much everything I write.

Looking back maybe I should have used Manga, fan-fic or even a YouTube short as my example, but I was feeling ornery that day and stand by my post. I still think it is a good example of a genre that Brandon would never get into but someone else might (not saying I would either, it was just an example). And let's be honest, there was a lot of sexual tension in that book. Include the magic system and you have the seed of a great um..."movie."

I hope Brandon understands I have the utmost respect for him and his novel. I used him as an example mainly cause I loved the novel so much, he's an author that I follow closely (I've watched pretty much everything he's been in on Youtube, and listen to his Writing Excuses podcast every week). He also happened to have a CC license on his novel and it was on my mind, so it all came together.

Not sure my post required an explanation, but here it is anyway :-) <- there's that blasted smiley.

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