Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get with it J.K.!

According to it’s faster to read on the printed page. I’m not sure I believe it that much. Another website that speculated on this wondered if it was because page turns on the Kindle are slower than a book. I think that’s a bunch of crap, clearly someone’s never read a book and the Kindle back to back. Page turns are far more disruptive to the reading flow than hitting a button halfway through the last line on the e-ink screen. By the time my eyes make it back to the top of the screen, the page has been refreshed and I keep right on reading. At least this is my opinion, you know where to stick it.
I’d love to see more of the testing procedures. Were the people involved in the testing used to reading on e-ink displays? I’ll admit my first time it took me a good hour or so to get over the differences, but once I got into the book the Kindle too a back-seat to the reading experience.
Perhaps it was the source material as well. They read poetry as far as I could tell. I know I read slower when I read poetry. Not sure if that had something to do with it. They could be reading a full-page poem, formatted for that page in the printed book, but when formatted to the Kindle and sized to a comfortable reading font, you ended up having to skip pages in order to read the entire poem.
At any rate, I’m skeptical of the testing results, not that it matters to me. Novels of nearly any type I’d prefer to read in ebook format. There is something nice about carrying around 200 books in your backpack. Granted I still love printed books, and over half my reading is still in paper books, but a lot of that is because I’m catching up on series I never read from years ago that haven’t been published in e-book format yet. Harry Potter? Yeah, I’d totally re-read that in ebook format. Hell, I’d buy it just to have in ebook format. Get with it J.K. Rowling!

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