Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review: “A Memory of Wind”

Short Stories, they say they are a dead medium, but I find them fascinating. Some days I don’t want to sit down and start a new novel, especially since most of the books I like to read are trilogies at minimum.
This story is about a girl named Iphigenia, set in the time of the war of Troy. She becomes the wind, and this story gives us background into how she becomes the wind.
It was a nice story. It has a lot of dream-like qualities to it. Her memories jump from one to the other and weave together a beautiful background to her life and her relationship to the one who will sacrifice her. My only complaint was the jumping around made it a little hard to latch on to the storyline in the beginning. Knowing more about the Greek myths and recognizing the people mentioned might have helped me get into the story sooner.
I wish I would have known more about Greek myths to know where she fits in. It leaves me with a thirst to seek out more writings set in those times.
Did I mention it is free on the Kindle? Go get it now!

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