Friday, July 30, 2010

Novel Weekly Status

So I'm up to 12,000 words. Longer so far than anything else I've done in the past.

Keeping up with my 15 and 500 method seems to be working out pretty well. I'll post up about that later.

Hardest thing this week has been carving out time. Works been pretty crazy. I wake up early, hoping I can get something done on the novel and next thing I know I'm doing problem tickets for work. Three hour time difference hurts a bit, I'm online by seven AM and the rest of my team's been working for three hours, they're getting ready for an early lunch and I'm just starting the day.
Oh well, such is life right? Needless to say I've gotten 500 words done each day this week, so I'm very proud of myself. It's hard to make sure you get what you need done. Writing is work. True Story.

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