Monday, September 21, 2009


Ahh the typewriter, something my children already know as an antique. I wonder if the keyboard will be as antiquated by the time they are explaining it to their jacked-in Matrix-style children? Technology moves fast, but sometimes old standbys work well.

It really is hard to beat pen and paper. Sure we might not have to kill animals for hides or use chisels for cutting stone anymore, but the basic premise of a writing tool manually used by human hands to permanently mar a writing surface have served mankind for thousands of years. 

The printing press helped bring the printed word to the masses, but I don’t think the writing scene really changed till the typewriter was introduced in the 1800’s. Now we’ve taken the next step, to computers, and I doubt we’ll ever look back. 

Nowadays entire books can be sent from country to country in mere seconds. Print on Demand devices like the Espresso can have an entire trade paperback in you hands in just a few minutes. Printed, glued, cut, and bound. 

While the ability to get words to print has been streamlined, I struggle sometimes with getting thoughts to words in the first place. If I’m walking down the road or in the shower when an idea comes to me, it’s hard to jump on a keyboard and get those ideas down before I lose them. I still find pen and paper invaluable for those spontaneous outbursts of muse. 

That’s why I still strive to keep around pen and paper. Not everywhere, mind you, but anywhere I might spend a lot of time; the car, office, bed-stand; you’ll find ye-olde writing utensils, ready for me to jot something down.

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  1. I keep a pen and some kind of paper nearby so when I get an idea, I can write it down. Mostly I use it for writing out ideas about various things from base ball to choppers. Lately, I've been doing that with the bike build, so I can sketch down stuff, write down details next to what I've sketched out. Good Idea, and a Good Post!

    When will we see a sample chapter from your book?