Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years - a special 9/11 tribute post.

Eight Years. Four Planes. 3017 Lives Lost.
My employer allowed us to take the day off. Most of us did that day, no work getting done regardless. The hours huddled in front of the television that night with my wife and small children, wondering what the future would hold.
Ever since that day, we have been a nation divided. Two elections that have polarized the left and the right. Two wars that may provide more questions than answers. Two Presidents with very differing views on how to run our great country. 
Laws have been passed. Citizen’s rights have been revoked. Racial profiling has occurred. The government has much more access into our personal lives. Sons have been taken from mothers.
Has much changed? Some wonder if we’ll ever get past it as a nation. Sometimes I wonder if we’ve already forgotten. Plenty has changed however. The question is do we even notice?  How many keep close in their minds the events of that day? How many of us barely pay it a thought? Do we get irritated as we’re taking our shoes off at the airport? How much security do we really have? Is it keeping the terrorists out or is it keeping the citizens in? How do we honor our dead properly while still having business space on some of the most expensive real estate in the world?
I watch as my children get dressed and head off to school. Today is special. Today is Tribute to America Day. Teachers and faculty don’t speak to them about the events of that day, they only speak of how great our nation is. The schools treat it like another 4th of July, when it should be treated like another Pearl Harbor. How can we belittle the dead like that? What do we hope to accomplish by not being honest and open with our children?
I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God, I believe in people. I believe in our nation. I believe that we can rise above the divisions that have been weighing us down for so long. I believe that we as a nation are still strong, that we will fight for our freedoms, and not be bogged down in tyranny. I believe that we can overcome and triumph and become better people.
Regardless of your religious, political, or moral views, I hope that we as a nation can set those aside today to properly honor our dead. I hope that we can be a nation indivisible, as our founding fathers hoped we would be.  I hope that we present a strong front and an even stronger foundation. 
I will not forget.

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  1. Good job on that, Tom. I agree with a lot of what you said. I hate seeing our country so divided, whether I agree with everybody or not. I also remind my children this day every year what day it is and what happened. I feel thankful for all that we have. I'm so thankful for this great country and for my children.