Monday, August 17, 2009

A little bit about the blog.

So I started a blog.

This isn't the first time, oh no.

I've never been good about sticking to blogging in the past. Usually things come up, I get bored, start playing World of Warcraft again. I've got every excuse in the book why I gave up on my three or four blogs in the past, but none of them matter now.

This one has to work. I promised myself. This time, I'm a writer.

As I'll get into in future posts, writing nowadays is half writing, and half marketing. This blog will hopefully become my portal for marketing my name, my brand, to whoever is looking.

I'm also a rabid researcher. I can spend hours scouring the internet, browsing bookstores, talking to friends, reading posts and other blogs to find information on what I want.

Since I'm a new writer, and greatly under-qualified at that (check my other posts), I have to do a ton of research on all aspects of writing. From the basics of grammar, increasing my vocabulary, the mechanics of writing the actual novel, and even which hardware and software to use while doing so, I have to start from ground zero.

This is where the blog will come into play. I'm a big believer that the best way to learn something is to teach it, and while I don't fancy myself as much of a teacher, the act of researching, collecting and organizing my thoughts, and posting in a blog will help me learn what I need to know better than if I just surfed the net or read about it in a book. By spending the time researching and writing this blog, I also hope to provide a trove of information for other aspiring authors, and maybe even entice some already-published ones to come and comment to help build up a community.

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