Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a writer!

I had to write that, I was told to write that.

Apparently I can't become a writer without stating it.

I'm a writer. So I did it.

So I've been reading some books about writing and many of them say the same things: if you want to be a writer, tell everyone you know that you ARE a writer. If you tell grandma, your parents, the guy down the street, and the mailman that you're a writer, you're building up a network of people that are now expecting you to actually follow-through with your promise.
Now I'm too embarrassed to go running down the street yelling at the top of my lungs that I'm a writer, (I might do it naked though, cause if I'm going to embarrass myself I might as well go all the way). So this blog is going to have to suffice. It's more of a journal to document my trials, tribulations, wins and losses as I write the great-American novel. At some point I will broadcast to friends and family about this blog, but for now I hope that it stays under the radar until I've gotten more into the groove of blogging and organizing my thoughts better. My main goal with it is to just detail a couple times a week  the trials and tribulations of the project I'm undertaking. I'll talk later about what else I hope the blog can be, but for now it's a good journal.
It's the journal of my journey that I will leave open on the table rather than hiding away.
If it becomes entertaining watching me wriggle and writhe in pain, then I'm glad. It'll be a good release for me and a good chuckle for you. So sit back, grab a latte if you can afford it these days, and we'll get started.

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